Day 17: wild thing.  ive never attempted this before, and wasn’t even completely sure i was doing it right until i took a picture.  i like it though!  its so pretty.  i tried to go into a full wheel from it, but i was too afraid of falling to get my hand all the way to the ground.
my intention is a big deal today.  ive made this intention before on a different day, but im actually doing something about it today.  I want to love and be proud of my body.  see this?  you see this picture? Im not wearing a shirt!  holy moly, if there was one part of my body i would tell you no one could see, its my tummy.  i hate it, i think its floppy.  but i for whatever reason decided to take this picture without my shirt….and i liked it.  my body looks beautiful!  im so proud of it and all the things it can do.  you go, body :)